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ProducersMapping & Pilot Network

Key Findings 


Producers Mapping Survey – Overview / Key Findings!  


In 2022 Promenade carried out a research initiative to map the current producer field working in the artforms of circus, multi-disciplinary arts, participatory arts, spectacle, and street arts, while also testing the appetite for the creation of a Producer’s Network in Ireland.  This research was conducted in direct response to members of the street arts and circus sector identifying the need for more supports for producers themselves and in the context of supporting artists to find suitably experienced and knowledgeable producers.

In October 2022 we launched a sectoral survey to map the producers field and since then we have presented the initial findings at the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network share open forum as part of the National Circus Festival of Ireland.  In January 2023 we held an online presentation to share the completed key findings initially to survey respondents and our plans for next steps. The presentation can be viewed on our YouTube channel

Our research found that the need for experienced, knowledgeable producers is an urgent issue for the sustainability of the arts sector:

  • 50% of individuals surveyed described themselves as both artists/ self-producers demonstrating that artists are often self-producing their own work taking on extra stress and responsibility after failing to find suitably producers working in the field

  • 80% of individuals reported working in multi – disciplinary arts highlighting how many people work across sectors in different disciplines as in a relatively small field

We also found the need for a more connected and less isolated sector:

  • Whilst there is a concentration of individuals living in Cork, Dublin and Galway there are isolated individuals spread across 18 counties

  • A significant proportion of survey respondents (over 40%) felt somewhat isolated, with 10% very isolated

  • Over 50% of those surveyed resided in a rural or town setting and would hugely benefit from a producers network when not living in an urban area 

  • Nearly 90% of people responded saying they would be interested in joining a potential network and commented on how it would impact and benefit the sector 

    “A producers network in Ireland would be a massive support for the industry and the people who work in it.”

    “It would offer the capacity to harness the shared knowledge and experience of a wide range of professionals in the sector for the common good”

    “It would encourage more people to work up through the industry to reach goals.”

With these findings Promenade is now making next steps planned towards creating a sustainable producers network with a view to first developing a pilot programme with partners to be identified. 


A complete PDF of the key findings including our next steps can be viewed here or alternatively you can email Project Manager Ciara O’Mahony at


We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this research, completing the survey, and sharing it throughout your networks. Your invaluable contributions and insight will help develop and shape the future of arts producers in Ireland. 


Special thanks also to the members of our working party: Rose-Anne Kidney (Goldiefish Events), Kim McCafferty (Cavan Arts Festival and National Circus Festival of Ireland). Cormac Mohally, Louisa Sloan and Megan Cronin (Circus Factory) plus additional advisory support from: Juley-Ann Collins (Independent producer & programmer), Dea Birkett (Circus250) Lucy Medlycott (ISACS).


If you are interested in being involved in any capacity in this initiative please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kath Gorman and Ciara O’Mahony


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